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If you and your family are currently suffering due to extreme financial difficulties, or if your business is experiencing financial problems and you are considering filing for business bankruptcy, Temecula Bankruptcy Lawyer Benjamin Graff can help. A highly experienced debt relief attorney, Mr. Graff has worked with numerous individuals and businesses throughout the course of his career, helping them escape crushing debt and obtain a fresh financial start. Temecula Bankruptcy Attorney Ben Graff


Contact Temecula Bankruptcy Lawyer Benjamin Graff at (951) 775-2364 today to schedule a free, in-office consultation. Weekend and after hours appointments can be made upon request. Helping bankruptcy clients since 2000, Mr. Graff possesses the skills necessary to help you get your debt under control and get your personal or business finances back on course.


Whether you are in need of debt consolidation services, believe that filing for bankruptcy is the only means of obtaining financial relief, or have questions regarding how a personal injury matter or impending divorce will affect filing for bankruptcy, Attorney Benjamin Graff can answer all of your questions, thoroughly review your options, and help you achieve your goals.


Bankruptcy Representation in Temecula

A knowledgeable lawyer who is devoted to providing the highest quality legal representation, Temecula Bankruptcy Attorney Benjamin Graff helps clients resolve a wide variety of debt relief issues, including but not limited to the following:


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Personal Bankruptcy for those with minimal assets, also known as Liquidation Bankruptcy.


Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Business Bankruptcy that provides guidelines allowing for the reorganization of businesses that are still potentially viable.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Personal Bankruptcy that helps individuals with moderate to extensive assets regain financial control via debt reorganization.


Debt Consolidation – If your debt to income ratio allows for debt reorganization, enabling you to pay your bills at a reduced rate without filing for bankruptcy, we can help you negotiate workout settlements with your creditors.


Corporate Bankruptcy – Extensive experience helping business owners determine whether bankruptcy is the best option for owners to retain control of their company while reorganizing their debts.


Divorce & Bankruptcy – Financial considerations to determine the optimum time for filing for bankruptcy while in the midst of divorce proceedings.


Personal Injury & Bankruptcy – Thorough review of whether or not personal injury awards are exempt from bankruptcy proceedings and debt collection.


Additionally, Attorney C. Benjamin Graff is well-practiced in 523(a) Adversary Proceedings (Bankruptcy Fraud cases). Adversary Proceedings generally involve a debtor who will list a particular debt along with all of their other obligations. However, if that debt is owed because of defalcation while acting in a fiduciary capacity, theft, conversion, or some other type of fraud, the debt is not dischargeable.


These matters are quite complex in their application, and are typically initiated by creditors who stand to lose a substantial sum should the bankruptcy go forward and the debt be discharged. Mr. Graff has successfully taken a number of Adversary Proceedings all the way to trial in the Federal Bankruptcy Court, and is equally experienced representing either debtors or creditors in these matters.


Just as every family and business’s financial problems are unique, each bankruptcy case is unique. At the Law Firm of Temecula Bankruptcy Lawyer Benjamin Graff, our experienced debt relief and bankruptcy lawyer will review your financial situation extensively and help you determine if you qualify to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection. Even if you do not qualify to file for Chapter 7, you may still be able to seek debt relief under the terms of Chapter 13 Personal Bankruptcy or Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy or Corporate Bankruptcy.


Common Bankruptcy Questions

At the Law Offices of Temecula Bankruptcy Attorney Benjamin Graff, we can answer all of your bankruptcy questions and provide skilled legal counsel pertaining to the following:


  • When should you begin Bankruptcy Preparations?
  • What happens when you have a pending Personal Injury matter?
  • When should you file for Bankruptcy if you are getting a divorce?
  • Should you take out loans prior to filing for Bankruptcy?
  • Will your assets be subject to seizure by the Bankruptcy Trustee?
  • What personal property is exempt from liquidation?
  • If you own a business, should you file under Chapter 11 or Chapter 7?
  • What are the requirements to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
  • When should a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy be converted to a Chapter 7?
  • How are Corporate Bankruptcies conducted?
  • What is the difference between a secured debt and an unsecured debt?
  • What is a Cram Down?
  • Can you file a State Level Bankruptcy?
  • How much time do I have to pay creditors under debt reorganization?
  • Do you qualify for Debt Consolidation?
  • Can creditors contact you after filing for Bankruptcy?
  • What is a creditor hearing?
  • What is the role of a Bankruptcy Trustee?


To obtain answers to these questions, contact a Temecula Bankruptcy Lawyer today!


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Temecula Bankruptcy Attorney C. Benjamin Graff will sit down with you to ascertain the total amount of your debt and compare that amount to how much income you receive.


If you are considering filing for Bankruptcy or are interested in obtaining information about bankruptcy alternatives, complete our Bankruptcy Case Evaluation Form.  Mr. Graff will contact you to obtain additional information.


For immediate assistance or to schedule a complimentary, in-person consultation, please call Temecula Bankruptcy Lawyer Benjamin Graff at (951) 775-2364.


Dedicated to the practice of Bankruptcy Law for more than 15 years, Attorney Benjamin Graff is a seasoned legal advocate who listens closely to his clients to obtain an in-depth understanding of their needs and goals, and works aggressively to obtain positive results!